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To Achieve Success At
Every Career Level.

What We Do.

We provide Mastermind Circles and Turnkey Speaker programs for women under our premier product HerCsuite®.

Women need support now more than ever. We designed a supportive network community and app making it easy for women to meet, engage and thrive in meaningful ways.


The gender parity numbers aren’t changing fast enough.  We are committed to seeing a balance in leadership roles this decade.


Transform the way women experience personal growth, achieve career success and be the force multiplier creating lasting change for senior female leaders.


Demanding Schedule? We understand. That is why we created HerCsuite® express mastermind circles for the arc of a women’s career and turnkey speaker packages that are ready to implement. 


Discover How HerCsuite™ Solutions Can Help Your Orginization or Member Community.


 N It was the beginning of the pandemic, and women felt siloed. This is the first part of our story.  For Founder Natalie Benamou, it was after speaking to so many women at every career level, she felt there had to be a different way to help women engage, meet, and thrive.

HerPower2, Inc. was created to be a different kind of company. It is more than being about advancing women, that is our foundation. We are on a mission to support women and their organizations reduce stress with simplified personal growth solutions.

Our why belongs to all of us.  Women should feel valued and find value in our programs.

Our innovation team continues to use design thinking to discover new products that advance and empower women. HerCsuite® product solutions are only the beginning.  Meet, engage and thrive in meaningful ways inside HerCsuite® Network.

Meet The Founder

Natalie Benamou has accelerated her career to leadership positions in both the event industry and non-profits. She has a ‘serve first’ approach to life and has held executive board roles, advisor and mentor to senior women and served as President for three non-profit boards, and is the Founder of HER HEALTHX, a force multiplier improving Health Outcomes for women.

Natalie is a passionate learner and a serial podcast host, launching HerCsuite® Radio as a follow up to Rock Your Trade Show.

Turning purpose to action and the desire to help women succeed was the inspiration for creating HerPower2, Inc. She feels strongly that all women should feel valued have their own legacy for the future.

Natalie is a speaker, podcast guest and strategic advisor.

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Thought Leadership

HerCsuite® Radio Podcast Listen to the podcast while taking a break. Interviews
are under 20 minutes.

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Turnkey Speaker Packages

Pre-panned and ready-to-attend panels and keynotes without the work. Perfect if you are short on time and resources.

Find Your People!

Mastermind Circles

Advance and Engage with Other Women at Every Career Phase from mid-career, NEXT, Entrepreneur and Boards. Achieve.

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